Video: Document Locator AP Processing

If you think it's time to stop routing paper invoices, then paperless AP approval routing using ColumbiaSoft DL might just be the ticket. If paper invoices are not bad enough, studies have indicated that as much as 77% of invoices that arrive as PDF attachments get printed after they arrive. Plus, 31% of faxed invoices get printed and later scanned back in.

Paperless AP approval processing using DL offers a better way. Watch this short video to learn more.


It’s a world where everything is digital, Right?
Spreadsheets: resumes: balance sheets: email: dogs
They’re all digital now.
But why are invoices still on paper?
Paper is W-R-O-N-G!
It gets: lost. misfiled. Re-routed. Abandoned. Copied. Eaten by the dog.
Is it any surprise AP Processes are jammed up?
Where’s the invoice? When will it be approved? Who Approved it? How much is outstanding?
It’s time to
Introducing paperless AP approval processing.
Everything is scanned: searchable: saved: electronic: secure: recoverable
Approvers get notified electronically. Information gets recorded digitally. There’s real-time audit-trails.
Turn a cost center into a profit center.
Grab early pay discounts.
Kick late payment penalties.
Maximize cash flow.
And never chase invoices again.
DL for AP approval processing.