Required Reading Video

Video: Required Reading

Capture and track acknowledgment with Document Locator’s Required Reading solution.


In Document Locator’s Compliance Solution, when policies, SOPs, work instructions and other important documents are completed, you can publish them and send for required reading.

Required reading sends a notification to groups of people or the entire organization asking them to confirm that they have read and understand.

Powerful reporting gives you full traceability and objective evidence for managers and auditors.

Inside Document Locator, on the homepage people see a list of the files that they are required to read. I’ll open this required reading document. I can navigate through the document to read its contents and here in the lower left, you can see the minimum remaining review time.

I can’t acknowledge and mark this document as read until that time elapses. This ensures that people actually spend the time necessary to read the document and keeps someone from just marking a document as read in such a short amount of time that there is no possible way they could have read it.

Our time has now elapsed, so I’m going to go ahead and confirm that I have read this document.

Now let’s look at the reports that track required reading.

Here, managers have visibility to track the status of what’s been sent, who has read it and who has not.

Clicking on this report, you can see all of the files that have been sent out, who needs to participate in acknowledging these files, what they’ve completed and what files are still outstanding. You can sort by any of these fields, making it easy to see which files are completed, and the amount of time each person spent reading a file.

Required reading captures a record that policies, procedures, SOPs, manuals, and other important documents have been received and read without the need to manually route and track files and spreadsheets, making it easier to stay in compliance.

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