Permit Review File Management

Capture permit packages and automate permit filing and review procedures with Document Locator and Bluebeam.

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Speed up electronic permit reviews

Streamline electronic paperless permit reviews with Document Locator and Bluebeam Studio Prime. The digital Permit Review File Management solution captures permit applications and drawings submitted at the Website. Files are immediately categorized and filed in the system, saving time and reducing errors. Bluebeam sessions are opened, and reviewers notified. At the close of sessions, files are automatically brought back into the file management system where a complete markup history is captured and reporting keeps everyone informed.

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Advantages of Permit Review Automation

Faster Reviews

Save time by automating as much as 69% of the manual tasks in paperless permit reviews.

Fewer errors

Automation and reduced complexity eliminate inconsistencies and errors.

Insightful Reporting

Maintain visibility with reports that show the status of reviews.

Organized Consistency

Consistency of filing and workflows keep everything organized.

Electronic Communications

Consistent and standardized notifications keep processes moving forward.

Records Control

Every change is captured as a record in new versions and archived per retention schedule.

Bridge collaboration and file management

Document Locator with Bluebeam integration bridges the gap between effective file management and easy review and collaboration. Document Locator bookends Bluebeam Review Sessions, making sure files are properly organized and categorized both before and after review sessions in Bluebeam. Document Locator’s Integration with Bluebeam eliminates all the manual steps involved with opening sessions, inviting reviewers, closing sessions, and saving files when reviews are complete.

Contract Management

Permit Review Process Automation

Notification on Arrival

As new permit applications and drawings arrive at the website, a review workflow is automatically triggered.

Bluebeam Reviews

New Bluebeam sessions are created, and files are automatically uploaded.

Reviewers Added

Reviewers are automatically added and notified of a new session so they can begin their reviews.

Security Settings

Security settings are automatically created for Bluebeam sessions.

Files uploaded and downloaded

Applications and drawings are transferred to Bluebeam for review and then transferred back on session close.

Markup History

A markup history is captured and files are versioned in the system.

Familiar Windows Integration

Integration with Microsoft Windows means permit file management happens right inside the familiar Microsoft Windows environment. Standard file and folder operations make it as easy as Windows for permit techs to use.

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69% Task Reduction

Building and engineering departments frustrated with manually tracking permit files through the review process can take advantage of automation in Document Locator's file management with Bluebeam to eliminate as much as 69% of the manual tasks involved in permit reviews. Workflows replace manual tasks to automate many procedures, saving time and improving efficiency.