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Get the office organized with HR document management

Manage employee files, automate workforce procedures, take command of forms, policies, and more with HR document management software solutions in Document Locator.

"We’re organizing the chaos, getting everything into Document Locator where you can find it more easily, and it’s more secure and safer."

Daniel Naylor
Director of IT
West-Central Independent Living Solutions

Streamline HR with workforce automation

Document Locator streamlines productivity inside the Human Resources department with paperless improvements to many of the most time-intensive HR tasks.

Workforce records management

Reviews, administrative requests, expense reports… employee files of all kinds are filed, named, routed, and tracked in a single digital system. Electronic storage and automated workflow ends the chaos of paper, email, and shared network folders.

Paper to digital

Convert paper to full-text searchable digital files using workforce automation software. Electronic filing eliminates the need for filing cabinets, increases security over records access, and improves recoverability in the event of information loss.

Folder and file organization

Everything is organized right from the start with automated folder structures that maintain information consistency. As new employees arrive, entire folder structures with all necessary content and security are generated.

Forms and templates

Build consistency in business operations by managing the development, revision, and publishing of forms electronically. Pre-existing forms are quickly brought into the system, and new forms are created with versioning and approvals.

Policies and procedures

Manage employee manuals, corporate policies, templates, work instructions — all in a systematic approach with version control and approvals. Release notifications assist with distribution.

Tracking certificates and renewals

Training records, certificates, education credits, licenses, and other critical, time-expiring documents are easily monitored with alerts and notifications. Built-in records management tracks files with effective dates and expirations, hours, cost, notes, and other important factors.

Regulatory compliance

Maintain compliance with document retention and privacy requirements for information that falls under regulatory control. Worker’s compensation, unemployment, I-9’s, FMLA, OFLA, classifications, benefits, verifications and more are all managed according to regulations.

Information security

Security, based on the familiar Microsoft NT security model, controls access to information in the HR document system. Unlike filing cabinets or shared folders, where there is no record of who did what and when they did it, every action is recorded in the digital system.

Accurate reporting

Validate compliance, raise accountability, and verify actions with built in reporting. Track activities, review and approval cycles, and validate regulated procedures. View and analyze data, charts, and graphs.

Easy as Windows

Employee files and workforce procedures are managed in a system that is fully-integrated into Microsoft Windows.

Search in seconds

Find anything you need, instantly, with full-text searching of records, even scanned paper files.

Everything is secure

Tight security maintains strict control over information access, and every action in the system is recorded.

Windows integration makes it easy

HR files are managed in a Windows Explorer-integrated system that is familiar and easy to use.

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