Project Document Management

Project document management for the entire team. System capabilities specialized for engineering and construction help you enforce consistent adherence to your company’s best practices.

Project document management software.

Automate project folder creation, document reviews and approvals, track project status over time and monitor activity through reports… Everything needed to save time, improve collaboration and reduce risk is included in Project Document Management software by ColumbiaSoft. System capabilities specialized for engineering and construction help you enforce consistent adherence to your company’s best practices.

We spent almost two years evaluating other solutions before we found the right solution in Document Locator.

Greg GouldCTO - Burns & McDonnell Engineering

Enterprise project management

Structured file management sets the framework for a more productive and informed project team using enterprise project management. Project document management software by ColumbiaSoft makes it easy.

Folder Organization

Automate the creation of folder structures for projects using a built-in folder management tool. Predefine folder hierarchies, naming conventions, security, templates, document properties, and workflows to save hours of time with the start of each new project.

Contract Management

Define and control how contracts are managed with role-based security, template management, version control, customizable workflows for reviews and approvals, reporting to track documents, full text searching, records management and a robust document log that tracks when documents were accessed, by who, and what action they took.Learn More »

Project Folders

Capture a “snapshot in time” of project status. Using Project Folders, files and file versions are logged in each Project Version. This makes it easy to review the status of project files at various milestones or timeframes.

Submittals and Transmittals

Exchange RFI’s, RFP’s, Quotes, Change Orders, and Sign-Offs… all without the hassles of email, FTP, or delays in delivery that increase risk of missing critical deadlines. Vendors submit documents using an online system and transmittals are sent with expiring links.


Manage construction certification records as each phase of a project is completed. Create templates for the different types of certifications; Use profile properties to uniquely identify each certification record; and route certification records to inspectors for sign off.

Email Management

Email is a preferred form of communication in every project. Individuals can use Outlook integration to automatically capture and store project correspondence. Emails can also be tracked globally at the server level using Email Archive technology that automatically captures indexes and stores every message.
Project folders

Automate folder structures

Save hours on each new project with automated folder structures, naming conventions, security, templates, and workflows.
Share files without delay

Share files without delay

Avoid the hassles of email and FTP in the exchange of RFI’s, RFP’s, Quotes, Change Orders, Sign-Off’s and more.

Report & track project files

Generate reports with data, charts, and graphs and drill down into report data for further analysis.
Bluebeam file management

Collaboration in Bluebeam

Optional Bluebeam integration bridges effective file management with easy review and collaboration.
Guide to project document management
Bluebeam Authorized Developer

Bridge collaboration and file management

Windows Integration

Built on the Document Locator Windows-integrated platform for project document management, folders and files appear just like shared network drives.

Documents, drawings, communications, and all related project files are organized in a unified project document management system in DL.

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