Construction and engineering document management

Engineering document management designed with specialized capabilities for construction and engineering firms.

Engineering document management, engineered for people

For engineering, construction, and architecture, Document Locator is enterprise-class engineering document management designed with specialized capabilities for the industry. It improves collaboration with more efficient review and approval processes, reduces risk with greater accountability and control, and increases productivity across the construction and engineering organization.

With engineering document management, you can share information, record changes, and track approvals among people across roles and departments. Specialized project document management capabilities allow you to manage CAD files, designs, technical documents, drawings, project files, and communications all within a unified system.

In Document Locator, you will automatically capture and log information in RFI processes, submittals, RFQ’s, and change orders. Customizable workflows route information to the right people for follow-up and approval. Vendor submittals are streamlined, reducing the time it takes to exchange documents from days to just minutes.

Seamless Microsoft integration makes it easy for everyone from engineers, to project managers, to vendors, and customers to immediately understand how to use the system. Core functions are available right from within Microsoft Windows and Office applications, including Outlook and Project. Integrations with Bluebeam and AutoCAD give everyone access to collaborate and share designs, drawings, and documents.

Engineering and construction document control features


Define and automate repeatable process steps using document workflow with notifications and approvals.Learn More »

Versions and Revisions

Capture a history of all document changes and control who has access to version and revision history.Learn More »


Find the files you need fast with instant full-text and metadata document searching. Use advanced search criteria.Learn More »

Review and Approval

Control review cycles on schedule.Learn More »

Email management

Capture communications records.Learn More »

Archive and audit

Maintain a record of changes and approvals.Learn More »

Remote access

Improve collaboration outside the office.Learn More »


Add paper documents to electronic workflow.Learn More »

Electronic forms

Automates and makes paperless form-driven processes.Learn More »

Project files get organized

Engineering document management improves the organization of project files and sets the framework for a more productive and informed project team. With project files in the system, auto folder organization creates folders and sub-folder structures, with security, templates, and workflows included, saving hours in configuration with the start of each new project. Submittal’s and transmittals help ease the exchange of RFI’s, quotes, change orders, and more. Contracts are accurately managed and readily available by those who need access. Certifications are managed in accordance with records policies. Integrated project folders capture a “snapshot’ in time for major milestones or important deadlines. Email is included for a comprehensive project record. And, at close-out, everything can be saved via a built-in collection tool and made available for document delivery.

Integration with leading engineering software

Document Locator integrates with leading applications used across the construction and engineering firm. AutoCAD integration supports Autodesk CAD files, including xref and master drawings. Plus, project document management repositories can be connected directly to other systems using universal connections built on Document Locator’s SDK API, ODBC dynamic properties, and PowerSearch technology.

  • AutoCAD Integration: AutoCAD file management, xrefs and master drawings
  • Microsoft Integration: Seamless Windows and Office operations
  • Bluebeam Studio Prime Connector

Like adding additional functionality on top of the familiar file server.”

Greg GouldBurns & McDonnell Engineering

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Project document management

Automate project folder creation, document reviews and approvals, track project status over time and monitor activity through reports.Read now »

Bluebeam Studio Connector

Speed up reviews with real-time markup and collaboration while capturing versions along the way using Document Locator’s Bluebeam Studio Prime Connector.Learn more »

AutoCAD file management

Manage drawings and project documents in a unified system for project files.Learn More »

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Be ready for the next audit.

Be ready for the next audit

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HR files under control

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Project file management

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