Document Workflow Software

Enterprise document management software built for Windows and the Web.

Automate processes with document workflow

Workflow automates processes and procedures. Using document workflow, you can create sophisticated or simple document workflow procedures that structure document and file based tasks and automate work processes. As people create, receive, route, review, and approve documents and other files, document workflow routes information electronically and keeps everyone informed so that errors are reduced and productivity is increased.

Document Locator workflow

Automate paper and document based business processes using document workflow to manage the flow of information electronically.

What's included in document workflow?

Automate Processes

The ability to create definable, repeatable, automated business processes

Electronic communication

Electronic notifications, reviews, approvals.


Logging of workflow activity for auditing and accountability.

Processes Management

Supports business process management and process improvement.

Repeatable procedures

Converts ad-hoc routines into repeatable procedures.

Examples of workflow automation

There are virtually as many ways that document workflow can be used as there are document centric business processes that exist in your company. Below are just a few examples of the most common types of workflow automation. These and many more types of business process can be configured for automation with workflow.

Document change control and quality procedures

Reduce risk and improve consistency across regulated procedures with an electronic change control process. The entire change control process, from change request to final publishing, is made more efficient and fully auditable in the document control system.

HR procedures

Convert paper-based, manual procedures to fully automated paperless operations in the Human Resources department. Information that used to be stored in filing cabinets can now be searched and retrieved instantly in the document management system. Electronic forms eliminate the need for paper forms (and the hassles of processing forms manually).

Reviews and approvals

Automated processes across the organization with the ability to create definable, repeatable, automated workflows. Electronic notifications keep people informed of review and approval steps. Logging records every action for auditing and accountability.

Business process management and automation

Electronic document workflow software provides the tools to define and manage business process steps so that each action is optimized for consistency and repeatability. This automation, or business process management technique, reduces the need for manual intervention or management over individual process steps, and improves efficiency. Process confusion is eliminated, and process cycle times move to completion faster. Since files are electronic and tracked in the system, document workflow avoids the hassles that often occur in paper-driven workflow procedures. Document workflow eliminates the possibility of errors or lost files in the workflow process, for example, when people forget to take action on a document or misplace a document that is in the workflow process. Document workflow keeps the process moving forward, alerting people when action is needed, and recording a log of all activity.

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Document Workflow Software

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Be ready for the next audit.

Be ready for the next audit

Automate document control procedures to comply with quality and compliance standards including ISO, FDA, HIPAA, and more.
HR files under control

Employee files under control

Manage employee files, automate workforce procedures, take command of forms, policies, and more.
Project file management

Structured project files

Automate project folder creation, document reviews and approvals, track status over time, and monitor activity through reports.
Manage business operations

Automate business processes

Automate the flow of documents and information to define, optimize, and control repeatable business processes.

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