About ColumbiaSoft®

We are a document management software company that helps you improve and automate document centric business processes.

We help businesses, organizations, and government agencies of all types spend less and gain more from the management of their information. We believe that productivity improves the bottom line, that compliance reduces risk, and that structured management of information leads to greater visibility and smarter, faster business decisions.

What we do

ColumbiaSoft helps you identify and improve operations where the flow and management of documents is a concern. Our expertise helps you:

  • Reduce financial liability through improved compliance with regulatory and industry standards.
  • Increase visibility to monitor and improve operational efficiency.
  • Improve productivity through the automation of procedures.
  • Enforce consistency and best practices in how documents are managed.
  • Reduce overhead costs with a structured, paperless approach to information management.

Our enterprise software is connected with mainline business applications, leveraging integration with Microsoft and other leading technologies to make it easy for people to use.

We bring improvement

We have deep knowledge of information management. Our consulting services align best-practices with the needs of business to improve performance, competitive advantage, innovation, and knowledge sharing.

Our solutions harness the content of organizations, and the cycles in which content is generated and consumed, to improve business objectives. From product development cycles, to customer service, to employee productivity, or any other activities that rely on information, we have the expertise to help improve your operations.

Our transformational results bring immediate, measurable returns. We have implemented fully custom solutions, as well as standard deployments; at companies in the Fortune 500, and businesses that are aspiring to be. We have the ability to scale our solutions to meet the needs of business at any size.

Our customers, from engineering, manufacturing, life sciences, energy, financial services, healthcare, and more have confidence in our solutions for thecontrol and management of everything from quality records, to engineering drawings and specs, to construction projects documents, to manufacturing process records, accounting records, emails, employee records, client files, and more.

We are good partners

As individuals and as a company, we are good partners. We are recognized by our affiliation as a Microsoft Gold Partner, Autodesk (AutoCAD) Partner, Adobe Solutions Partner, and PerfectApps Partner.

Our expertise

Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, we specialize exclusively in information and document management solutions. Our software is developed and supported from inside the company in the United States.

Latest News

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