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Improve contract lifecycle management and contract administration

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Easy-to-use Windows-integrated contract management system

In Document Locator, contracts and supporting files are stored electronically. Everything is full-text searchable and organized to improve contract lifecycle management. The contract management software is incorporated right within the Windows and Office experience, making it easy for people use. You can also access contracts on the go using your laptop, tablet, and smartphone with Web and Mobile tools.

Improving the contract management process

Contract management software improves contract lifecycle management in six key stages

A closed-loop contract management system

Contract administration often touches multiple parts of the organization. Establishing a contract management framework, and maintaining control over the contract lifecycle, reduces business costs and mitigates legal risk. An effective system for managing contracts is one that provides a consistent and centralized approach. Accuracy is enforced, negotiation cycles are shortened, and legal risks are minimized.

A contract management system that matches the needs of each contract type or area of business, while maintaining overall control, provides the greatest bottom-line benefit.

Contract Management

How the contract management system works

In Document Locator, all contracts and supporting contract documents are stored in a single repository where everything is organized and full-text searchable. Contract templates are managed in the system to ensure current and approved language is utilized, and eForms are available as a way for people to request new contracts. When a contract is started, auto-naming and filing makes sure that file names are consistent and everything is filed in its proper place. Throughout contract development, a built-in versioning system keeps a record of every change and makes it easy for people to collaborate on contract language. Workflow with email notifications keep people informed and makes the contract approval process fast and efficient.

Even people outside the office can get involved using a Web interface that lets them securely login on their laptops, tablets, or smartphones. During contract negotiation, audit logs are recording every change and a connection with Microsoft Outlook is capturing emails. Then, at contract execution, important records policies are applied so the system knows who to inform of the new contract, where to file the executed agreement, and when to notify people later when the contract must be reviewed, renewed, or re-negotiated.

Windows Integration

Integration with Microsoft Windows means contracts are managed right inside familiar Microsoft Windows folders. Standard file and folder operations make it as easy as Windows for people to use. Integration with Microsoft Office, including Outlook, adds contract management functionality inside everyday applications. A Web and Mobile companion to the desktop edition even makes it possible to manage contracts while outside the office or on the go.

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Electronic signatures speed contract signing

Avoid bottlenecks and speed up the signing process using digital signatures in your contract management procedures. Documents are signed online, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, faxing or emailing.

Document Locator works with leading digital signature technology, including Adobe and DocuSign, to eliminate manual steps in contract signing and make your contract management process more efficient.

Contract Management

Guide to better contract management

Get the free Definitive Guide To Managing Contracts Electronically. The six key stages where contract management software improves overall contract lifecycle management are explored in this informative paper.