Acrobat Sign Connector

Adobe Acrobat Sign digital signatures

Improve the speed of execution with digital signatures. Using the Document Locator Acrobat Sign Connector, business contracts, sales agreements, policies, leases, legal files – virtually any document requiring a signature is signed faster. Because documents are signed online, there’s no need to print, scan, or email documents. People can even sign while on the go using a laptop or mobile device.

Digital Signatures in Document Locator

Send, sign, and track files via Document Locator and Acrobat Sign

Adobe Acrobat Sign capabilities

Speed up signatures

Improve the speed of execution with digital signatures. Quickly and easily send documents for signature from inside Document Locator via Acrobat Sign.

Digital signature workflows

Add a ‘send for signature’ step to workflows to automate the signing process.

Signing options

Send documents for signature individually, use Acrobat Sign signature blocks, or send Acrobat forms and capture both data and signatures.

Automating the signing process with workflow

Document Locator’s optional Acrobat Sign Connector allows you to add a ‘send for signature’ step to workflows. When a document arrives at this step in the process, it will be automatically sent to Acrobat Sign. The signer will receive an email from Acrobat Sign asking them to review and sign the document. A signature is embedded, and the file is digitally encoded. The file is then automatically saved back into Document Locator as a new, signed version. The workflow can then continue the process internally, notifying key stakeholders, or applying records policies.

  • Supports ad-hoc signature gathering.
  • Supports preset signature blocks in templates.
  • Supports Acrobat forms to capture additional information and apply data to document properties in Document Locator.
  • Combines digital signature steps with internal notification, review, and approval workflows as well a post-signature workflow steps to complete internal processing.
  • The optional Document Locator Acrobat Sign Connector works with your Acrobat Sign account sold separately by Adobe.

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Policy approval with Acrobat Sign

Policy management is one of many examples where you can electronically prepare, distribute, and gain acknowledgment of important documents like policies, SOPs, work instructions, manuals, and more using Document Locator and Acrobat Sign. Policies are developed in Document Locator, routed for approval and electronic signature in Acrobat Sign, and then published in Document Locator and distributed to the workforce for required reading. The optional Document Locator Acrobat Sign Connector, with your Adobe Acrobat Sign account (sold separately by Adobe) streamlines signature gathering in any business process, including contracts, sales agreements, HR on-boarding, and more.

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Acrobat Sign Connector datasheet

Send, sign, and track files via Document Locator and Acrobat Sign – a cloud-based e-signature service that is part of Adobe’s Document Cloud Suite.Get Datasheet »

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Be ready for the next audit

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