Digital Signature Automation

Digital signatures and workflow automation with DocuSign or Adobe Acrobat Sign integration

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Transform signature gathering

Signature Process Automation eliminates the manual steps involved with sending files for digital signature. As part of a signature workflow process, files are sent for signature automatically.

The powerful combination of digital signature software with workflow automation means entire business processes can be made fully automated and repeatable – without the need for manual steps.

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Repeatable, error-free signing processes

Virtually any process requiring signatures can be made fully automated with workflow and digital signatures.

Send for Signature

Use the optional DocuSign or Acrobat Sign connector to add a workflow step to send files for digital signature in your DocuSign or Acrobat Sign accounts.

Email Notifications

Signers receive an email notification from DocuSign or Acrobat Sign to view and digitally sign files.

Capture Signed Documents

Signed documents are automatically returned to the document management system where they are filed and organized.

File Processing

Workflow continues the process with notifications, routing, countersignatures, and more.

Records Policies

Records policies can be applied with automatic reminders and notifications for future review or expiration.

Monitor Progress

Keep track of processes and monitor status of documents requiring a signature with powerful reporting tools.

Digital Signatures Build Trust

Digital signature software builds trust in electronic documents and document processes like contract signing. The added level of security with digital signatures ensures that content has not been altered and verifies the authenticity of signers. Replace printing, emailing, faxing, scanning and overnighting documents with a trusted, electronic way to make approvals and decisions happen faster.

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Document management with Workflow automation

Document Workflow in Document Locator automates document-centric processes of all types, improving the efficiency and repeatability of operations.

Routing and management options can be configured to meet the requirements of specific business processes. The customizable step functions in the workflow manager tool enables modeling and automation of even the most complex business processes.

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Connect with DocuSign or Acrobat Sign

The Document Locator DocuSign and Acrobat Sign Connectors enable seamless digital signature requests from within your document management system. Files are exchanged with DocuSign or Acrobat Sign, where they are forwarded on for signature. After files are esigned, they are automatically captured back in the system where they are secure, searchable, and ready for further processing.

Digital electronic form signature automation with DocuSign – Document Locator