Compliance and regulatory document control

Manage files according to compliance and regulatory standards across a range of areas.

Document control software for compliance

Business records and processes that are governed by regulation, industry standards, and records policies must be properly managed to avoid financial liability and risk. Document Locator helps you manage documents and files according to the unique compliance and regulatory needs of your businesses.

Document control tools allow policies and procedures to be designed and implemented for regulated content. Security maintains control over access to information in the system. Every action that occurs is recorded in an audit trail.

Document Control Handbook
Get rid of spreadsheets

Track results, not spreadsheets

Quality managers and document control professionals have an efficient way to manage quality documents and more.
Policy management

Automate policy management

Prepare, distribute, and gain acknowledgment of policies, procedures, SOPs, work instructions, manuals, and more.
Quality and Compliance

Improve quality & compliance

A Windows-based document control system for compliance with regulatory standards like ISO, SOC, FDA, AS9100, ITAR, NIST/CMMC.
Required Reading

Send for required reading

Send documents and capture a record of acknowledgements that recipients have read and understand.

Quality Documents

Document control features for compliance

Records Policies

Manage documents, email messages, and files according to defined records management policies.Learn More »


Capture a history of all changes and actions with a complete audit trail logged in the system.Learn More »

Versions and Revisions

Capture a history of all document changes and control who has access to version and revision history.Learn More »


Define and automate repeatable process steps using document workflow with notifications and approvals.Learn More »

Digital Signatures

Eliminates manual steps and capture digital signatures with DocuSign or Adobe Acrobat integration.Learn More »


Find the files you need fast with instant full-text and metadata document searching. Use advanced search criteria.Learn More »


Manage and control who has access to files with robust and flexible security options.Learn More »


Make quick and accurate decisions with ability to analyze metrics, workflow details, and more.Learn More »

Document Imaging

Scan and convert existing quality records to digital format and make them searchable with document scanning.Learn More »

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