Policy & Procedure Management

Prepare, distribute, and gain acknowledgment of important policies, procedures, SOPs, work instructions, manuals, and more.

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Replace manual tasks with automated actions in policy management

Governance, risk, and compliance program management are all improved using electronic document control to manage policies and procedures. Document Locator provides a comprehensive approach that is document-centric and regulates the entire lifecycle of company policies and procedures.

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Electronic policy and procedure management

Centralize policies and procedures

Manage policies and procedures in centralized, controlled policy repositories that are integrated within the Windows Explorer navigation for familiarity and ease of use.

Correlate policies and procedures with objectives

Categorize and associate policies and procedures with regulatory requirements, polices, and corporate objectives using sophisticated profiling options.

Communicate policies and procedures

Send policies and procedures electronically and capture an audit record confirming they have been read with Required Reading and Read and Acknowledge workflows and reports.

Manage supporting documentation

Control and manage supporting documentation and files like test results and certifications. Automate the review procedures of supporting materials and establish records policies for any needed renewals.

Report on the policy management program

Use reporting tools to roll up oversight and ensure continued compliance, and identify gaps between policies and governance requirements.

Manage exceptions

Automate exception procedures with workflow and notifications, and manage requests for policy exceptions electronically.

Capture a record of receipt and acknowledgement

Capture a record that policies, procedures, SOPs, manuals and other important documents have been received and read by employees with Required Reading and Read and Acknowledge tools built-in to Document Locator. Policy managers can distribute files to groups of employees or the entire organization. When published, a workflow sends electronic notifications to individuals that they are required to read the document, and after reading they must affirm they have read and understood. Required Reading requires the user to indicate they have read the document. Read and Acknowledge adds a digital signature that becomes part of the document stored in the employee’s record.  

Document Change Control

Policy and Procedure Management Features

Reporting and Auditing

Capture a record of policy acknowledgement and view reports indicating who still needs to confirm.
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Records Policies

Apply digital records management to policies and set review dates for policy reviews, updates, and expirations.
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Find the policies you need fast with instant full-text and metadata searching.
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Version Control

Manage the development of policies and capture a record of changes over time with versioning.
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Digital Signatures

Optionally add digital signatures that become part of the record stored in the employee file.
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Keep policies consistently named and organized with auto-naming and auto-filing tools that eliminate the hassles of filing.
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Security and Publishing

Manage policy development in a secure structure, and publish policies for staff to have self-service access.
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Use workflow to manage the review and approval of new or updated policies prior to publishing.
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Document Imaging

Scan and convert existing paper-based policies and work instructions to digital format and make them fully searchable.
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Policy Approvals with DocuSign

Completed policies can be routed to DocuSign for signature. Approvers are notified via email to sign the policy in DocuSign. Once signed, the policy is published in Document Locator and routed for required reading.

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Document Locator is a centralized platform for managing and distributing policies and procedures.

As revisions are made, changes are captured and reviews and approvals are recorded. When completed, electronic notifications inform those who must confirm they have read and understand.

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“A recent FDA audit clearly demonstrated the value of Document Locator by reducing the time it took us to retrieve requested records in half.”

Bruce Hays
The Anspach Effort, Inc.