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Enterprise document management
software built for Windows and the Web.

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A platform for document management

Document Locator is a powerful document management system that improves efficiency and reduces risk. It works right inside Microsoft Windows, making it particularly easy to use. Plus, an optional Web browser interface extends the reach of files beyond the office walls.

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A Powerful Solution for Document Control

Document Locator is used by businesses, government agencies, and organizations of all types to manage and secure information that powers business-critical operations. Everyone benefits with greater effeciency, cost savings, and lower risk.

Easy Windows navigation;
Optional Web and mobile access

Integration with Microsoft Windows places document management right within the familiar Microsoft Windows Explorer view. It appears just like a shared folder, only with smart document management features added. Routine folder and file operations make it as easy as Windows for people to use. Integration with Microsoft Office, including Outlook, adds document management right inside applications that people use every day. Many of the same functions are also available in a Web and Mobile companion to the desktop software.

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Document Locator in Windows, Web, and Mobile

Intelligent solutions in smart folders

Smart tools in Document Locator replace the need for time-consuming and error-prone activities involving documents and files. As files are saved into Document Locator, everything becomes full-text searchable. Versioning captures all changes, and workflow routes information instantly for notifications and approvals. Metadata values (facts about the files) organize information and eases research. Audit trails record the lifecycle of files, and reporting adds valuable insight for business intelligence. Paper forms are replaced with electronic forms, and forms processing is automated. These are just a few of the many ways Document Locator can power document management solutions.

Document Locator Features


Version Control

Automate file versioning.


Full text search the contents of files.


Paperless electronic forms processing.


Route, review and approve files.


Automate steps, from simple to complex.


Convert paper to full-text searchable files.

Web Access

Access files online.


Flexible, role-based security.