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Improve quality and compliance with electronic document control.

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Document Control for Compliance

Document control software is essential for quality and compliance. Quality managers and document controllers have an effective way to manage policies and procedures, record log files, process change requests, and capture required reading acknowledgements for compliance with regulatory standards like ISO, SOC, FDA, AS9100, ITAR, NIST/CMMC and more using Document Locator’s windows-based document control system.

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Document Control Software Benefits

SOPs, non-conformance reports, corrective actions, employee training, work instructions, and more are all managed within a
centralized document control system that includes version tracking, approvals, notifications, and policy administration.

Policy Management

Policies and procedures are managed in a controlled system that captures read and acknowledgement by staff.

Windows, Web, Mobile

Integration with Microsoft Windows Explorer, plus web and mobile access, make it easy to use.

Audit Logging

Audit trails are captured so that managers and auditors always have proof that procedures are followed.


Records are kept consistently named and organized with auto-naming and auto-filing tools.

Change Control

Changes are controlled with review and approval procedures, and a history of versions are maintained.

Paper to Electronic

Existing paper records are converted to digital and organized in the system without the need to recreate files.

Policy and Procedure Management

Electronically prepare, distribute, and track acknowledgment of important policies, procedures, SOPs, work instructions, manuals, and more in the document control system.

  • Automated notifications inform people they must read and confirm
  • System tracks who has reviewed and who hasn’t without the hassles of spreadsheets
  • Easily incorporates existing policy documents
  • Affordable licensing covers distribution and acknowledgement by large numbers of staff

Track review dates and more with reports in the document control system.

Document Control Software Features


Maintain visibility and provide auditors information they need to validate compliance with reports.
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Record a history of access, changes, and approvals in the document control system with audit logging.
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Version Control

Record a history of all changes using document version control, and manage access to version history.
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Electronic Signatures

Use optional connections with DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and more to send files for digital signature.
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Control access by users and groups with security controls built into the document control software.
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From simple to complex, automated workflow routes files for consistent processing.
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Document Locator is a centralized platform for document control.

Inside Microsoft Windows, integrated document control is easy and intuitive to use. Simply right click on a document to access a menu of document control commands.

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Highly Rated Document Control Software

“A recent FDA audit clearly demonstrated the value of Document Locator by reducing the time it took us to retrieve requested records in half.”

Bruce Hays
The Anspach Effort, Inc.