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Easily bundle and share files with others in transmittal packages

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Package and distribute project files without hassles or delays

Project managers, team members, and document controllers have an easy-to-use way to electronically authorize and distribute project files in organized, controlled packages using the optional Transmittal Solution in Document Locator. Electronic transmittals are a trouble-free way to share drawings and project files with outside engineers, sub-contractors, vendors, and more.

Project Management

How Transmittals make it easy to share files in Document Locator

The optional Transmittal Solution in Document Locator allows you to share files with anyone. Simply open a new transmittal, add the files you want to share, set an expiration date, and enter the recipients. Electronic transmittals are sent with a link to a download page where recipients can retrieve the files. Powerful logging captures a record of proof, and reporting tracks what was sent and who it was sent to. With the Transmittal Solution, you can share multiple documents, images, and files in a single package, including large size files that might be impossible to send in email.

Transmittal Reporting

View and maintain a history of transmittals in your organization. With transmittal reports you can see who has sent transmittals, and where they were sent. Project numbers and delivery dates are also recorded to gain insight into when files were sent and which projects they are related to.

Transmittal reporting gives you better insight into the status and flow of documents in your projects.

Comprehensive Project File Management in Document Locator


Monitor and track the status of project files through stages of development, collaboration, and approval.
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Find the project files you need fast with instant full-text and metadata searching.
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Version Control

Record a history of all changes using document version control, and manage access to version history.
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Email Management

Integration with Outlook captures emails for a complete record of project communications.
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Bluebeam Connector

Send drawings and files to Bluebeam Studio Sessions for markup and collaboration in the cloud.
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From simple to complex, automated workflow routes files for consistent processing.
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Bridge collaboration and file management

Document Locator with Bluebeam integration bridges the gap between effective file management and easy review and collaboration. Document Locator bookends Bluebeam Review Sessions, making sure files are properly organized and categorized both before and after review sessions in Bluebeam. Document Locator’s Integration with Bluebeam eliminates all the manual steps involved with opening sessions, inviting reviewers, closing sessions, and saving files when reviews are complete.

Contract Management

Document Locator is a centralized platform for project document management. Windows-integration means project file management appears in folders just like shared network drives. Documents, drawings, communications, and all related project files are organized in a unified project document management system.

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“We spent almost two years evaluating other solutions before we found the right solution in Document Locator.”

Greg Gould, CTO
Burns & McDonnell Engineering