Microsoft Outlook integration

Microsoft Outlook email file management

Integration with Microsoft Outlook allows you to manage email records, including attachments, in the document management system.

Customizable rules allow users to configure actions based on the content of messages. Similar to the email-handling rules within Outlook, the integration supports the automated capture and storage of incoming and/or outgoing email messages (and attachments) into document management folders. For example, a predefined term in the “Subject” field could be used as a trigger, which could then be used to store the email in the appropriate folder.

Standard business processes for capturing email records can be defined and propagated by administrators, while project managers and individual users can create their own rules for increased productivity.

Outlook integration

Easily manage and share email records with a built-in Document Locator integration for Microsoft Outlook.

Outlook integration details

Microsoft Outlook integration

Integrates with Microsoft Outlook (including Outlook 365 desktop edition).


Automates email capture, processing, storage, routing, and tracking.

Email threading

Provides email threading.

Key words

Can recognize key words in subject or body and use extracted data to automate actions.


Captures attachments with messages.


Rules can be defined and enforced by administrators to enforce standard business processes.

Full-text indexing and search

Provides comprehensive full-text indexing and instant search of emails and attachments.

Security and auditing

Supports repository-based security and auditing.

Email management

Supports best practices for email management.

Outlook integration details

The standard Desktop Client supports integration with Microsoft Outlook, including File menu integration and an add-in toolbar for saving email to repository folders. Standard functionality also includes drag-and-drop from Outlook to repository folders and handling email attachments together with the host message. As with all documents in the repository, a double-click or Open action will open emails in their native Outlook application.

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Outlook integration datasheet

Built-in email file management in Document Locator makes it easy for people using Microsoft® Office Outlook® to capture, organize, and share their email messages in the document management system.Get Datasheet »

Email archive

The optional Email Archive component captures a complete record of email communications, including attachments, that are sent and received company-wide.Learn More »

Email management

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