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Video resources for understanding the key features, best practices, and benefits of Document Control Software.

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Introduction to DL video

Introduction to DL

An introduction to Document Locator's document control platform.

Document control video

Document Control

Learn about the document control features in Document Locator

HR document control video

Human Resources

Using Document Locator for HR file management and control.

Workflow Video


An introduction to Document Locator's automated workflow features.

Document Locator eForms video

Electronic Forms

Watch an introduction to electronic forms processing with the help of eForms.

Document Control video Document Locator

Document Control

Learn how a document control system supports quality management procedures and regulated processes.

Remote Web access video Document Locator

Web Access

Web Access makes it possible for people to access documents worldwide via the Internet.

Required Reading video

Required Reading

Capture and track acknowledgment with Document Locator's Required Reading solution.

Document Locator scanning video

Document Scanning

Improve productivity and reduce errors by going paperless with Document Locator's scanning capabilities.

Bluebeam connector video

Bluebeam Connector

Speed up reviews with real-time markup and collaboration while capturing versions along the way.

Signature connector video

eSignature Connector

Digital Signature Automation with DocuSign and Acrobat Sign Connectors.

eForms request

eForm Request

eForms makes it easy for citizens to submit requests, and even easier for you to process them.

Digital Signature Automation video

Signature Automation

Digital Signature Automation with DocuSign Integration.

Permit review video

Permit Review

Permit Review File Management with Bluebeam and Document Locator.