Web Access Video

Video: Document Locator Web Access

This 2-minute introduction to Document Locator Web Access shows how the optional Web-browser companion to the desktop software makes it possible for people to access documents worldwide via the Internet. Unlike a hosted system, you’re in full-control, while customers, vendors, and employees outside the office have access to what they need anytime, anywhere.


A smart office is a connected office. Where people have access to information they need, anytime, anywhere in the world.

An optional Web-browser companion to Document Locator’s desktop software puts your document management system online!

People get what they need, when they need it, on their own without having to call on others back in the office to find and send files.

Tree and folder navigation in the browser works just like the Windows-integrated software, making Web access easy to use.

Unlike externally-hosted services, you’re in full control, hosting the system yourself. Only those with permission have access, and you determine who has access to which information.

Employees, vendors, and clients alike have a safe and convenient way to upload and retrieve files… without loading software! The hassles of email and file-size-limits, and the uncontrolled chaos of FTP… they’re all avoided.

And, because it’s browser-based, Web access is compatible for users across platforms!

Built in search tools make it easy for people to find the documents they need, quickly.

Document commands are available at a click. Check-out documents, send notifications, start workflows, view prior versions… it’s all possible in the web browser.

Uploading files is a breeze too… with a simple drag-and-drop, files are immediately saved. Even multiple files can be uploaded at once.

Collaborate on projects, distribute information to customers, give outside consultants access to files they need… remote web access makes it easy.

Worldwide accessibility is one of many ways Document Locator makes a smart office. Document Locator can turn your office into a more connected, smarter office too.

See more ways to use Document Locator in our Smart Office videos. Contact us, and we’ll schedule a demo for you and your team.