Trusted system security

Robust and flexible document security in Document Locator means that all information in repositories is secure and accessible only to those who are authorized. Maintain your system with complete flexibility to manage authentication credentials and to grant privileges on a user or group basis.

Document Locator’s security and auditing capabilities are based on the familiar Microsoft NT security model.

Document Locator security

Have confidence that all information is secure and accessible only to those who are authorized with robust system security built on the Microsoft NT security model.

Security capabilities

Role-based security

Establishes role-based security for every user. Allows customizable roles and privileges at the folder and document levels.


Limits access to sensitive information as required by compliance policies or regulation.

Secure files

Ensures that users make changes to correct versions of documents and prevents users from accidentally deleting files.

Document logs

Maintains a document log to view document histories and identify who made changes and when they were made.

Robust security

Security goes beyond file and folder level permissions to include configurable application-level functionality and back-end database security.


Document encryption is supported for business processes involving sensitive information.

Security for quality and compliance

Businesses use Document Locator to consistently manage documents that are essential for their own quality and compliance initiatives. Specialized document control functions, including managing revision levels of documents, user roles, electronic approvals, audit logging, required reading, digital signatures with DocuSign or Adobe Acrobat Sign, and comprehensive reporting empowers quality managers and document control professionals to advance their own compliance with programs for ISO, FDA, food safety, SOC, and more.

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Be ready for the next audit.

Be ready for the next audit

Automate document control procedures to comply with quality and compliance standards including ISO, FDA, HIPAA, and more.
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Project file management

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