Document Change Control

Improve efficiency and enforce consistency

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Document Change Control

Bring products to market faster, reduce financial risk stemming from lost or incorrect information, and improve compliance with regulations and standards. ColumbiaSoft's document change control technology is built into Microsoft Windows, making it easy for everyone!

The change control process

Improve efficiency and enforce consistency with electronic document change control

Change Request

Documents the request for change, the reason for the change and the impact of the change. Also assigns user roles: Revision Author, Review & Approve, and Training.


The create/edit process is initiated when the assigned Revision Author receives notification via automated workflow.


The Revision Author initiates the Review which allows the assigned reviewers to collaborate on the edits until everyone is in agreement.


For approval, electronic signature and digital signature technologies are available for compliance with 21CFR Part 11.


When training is required, either employee review or supervisor training are possible, and both provide an audit trail.


A copy of the signed PDF version is published. Prior versions are automatically replaced with the most current approved version.


Records management archives documents per predefined schedules.

Empowering Process Owners

The Document Change Control (DCC) repository provides an out-of-the-box structured methodology that automates otherwise manual document change control procedures. The system is designed so that Process Owners have end-to-end responsibility for their documents. Process owners design the process, and process teams carry it out, overseeing their own work and making all the day-to-day decisions required to keep things moving smoothly.

Document Change Control

Built on ColumbiaSoft’s DL document control platform, the integrated change control module is designed to improve the effectiveness of quality and compliance programs.

Inside Microsoft Windows, integrated change control is easy and intuitive to use. Simply right click on a document to access a menu of document control commands.

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