Property Management

A property document management system keeps important property documents secure and makes them easily retrievable.

Property management is improved with every file on hand

Manage leases, contracts, notices, and other property records in a property document management system that keeps important property documents secure and makes them easily retrievable. Property managers, property owners, and property management staff use Document Locator to improve efficiency and make informed decisions regarding the leasing and ownership of property.

Benefits of property document management

Automation and Control

Control and automate the review of property contract procedures.Learn More »

Records management

Manage leases, notices, applications, eviction documents and other property records.Learn More »

Email records

Include email records and images with other property files.Learn More »


Apply metadata values to property records to organize and quickly correlate related documents.Learn More »

Digital Signatures

Eliminate manual steps and capture digital signatures with DocuSign or Adobe Acrobat integration.Learn More »


Automate notifications based on deadlines.Learn More »


Manage and control who has access to files with robust and flexible security options.Learn More »


Make quick and accurate decisions with ability to analyze metrics, workflow details, and more.Learn More »

Document Imaging

Scan and convert existing records to digital format and make them searchable with document scanning.Learn More »

Manage facility records and access them on the go

An effective property document management system keeps all records, including important plans and facilities documents, at the ready. Facility managers and staff can even access files outside the office using Web and Mobile access.

Faster decisions drive value

Instantly search and retrieve all related property records to make faster, more accurate decisions with benefit of all the facts. Capitalize on market values and property characteristics with faster property research and decisions related to everything from market and commodity prices, to zoning and planning changes. Incorporate property images, mapping, and drawings with property records to retrieve and view information all at once.

Real estate compliance and property regulations

Manage policies and procedures in compliance with real estate laws and regulations. Establish review procedures for the creation of property documents and notices, and inform owners and staff with automated notifications reminding them of milestones and deadlines. Provide access to attorneys and legal teams for review.

Best document management out there! Not only does Document Locator work seamlessly inside windows, it has a great API and is very easy to administer. Users generally don’t require more than about 15 minutes of training. Support always answers questions within an hour or so, and they help cheerfully even with “dumb” questions.”

Scott GoldingManager IT - Rayonier, Inc.

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Case study

Trust Land Office gets fast access to all the facts.Read now »

Document management system

A document management system is a critical asset in speeding up processes, lowering risk, and reducing operational costs.Learn more »

Electronic forms

Make electronic forms and capture form-based information for automated, advanced processing using eForms with document management.Learn More »

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Be ready for the next audit.

Be ready for the next audit

Automate document control procedures to comply with quality and compliance standards including ISO, FDA, HIPAA, and more.
HR files under control

Employee files under control

Manage employee files, automate workforce procedures, take command of forms, policies, and more.
Project file management

Structured project files

Automate project folder creation, document reviews and approvals, track status over time, and monitor activity through reports.
Manage business operations

Automate business processes

Automate the flow of documents and information to define, optimize, and control repeatable business processes.

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