Food and Beverage

Document control software streamlines processes, helps meet safety and regulatory guidelines, and improves quality in food and beverage production operations.

Food and beverage production

Maintain a secure and centralized repository for important documents related to food and beverage production, including specifications, quality control plans, safety plans, recipes, labels, and more using document control software. Be confident that quality documents are updated, accurate, accessible, and compliant with industry standards and regulations. Document control software streamlines approval processes and ensures that everyone has access to the latest versions.

Benefits of food and beverage document control

Eliminate spreadsheets

Eliminate the need for spreadsheets to track documents.Learn More »


Quickly access files when needed.Learn More »


Keep files safe and secure.Learn More »

Track acknowledgement

Track acknowledgement that files have been read and are understood.Learn More »

Document logging

Capture digital evidence and traceability to avoid findings.Learn More »


Automate notifications based on deadlines.Learn More »

Reduce costs and improve safety

Regulations and standards such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and ISO 22000 ensure the health and safety of food and beverage production. The requirements for meeting these guidelines can be complex and challenging. Document control ensures proper management, revision control, processes automation, and more in your food safety quality program.

Manage and retrieve documents with ease

Document Locator allows you to store your food safety quality program documents in a centralized repository, eliminating the misplacement of critical files. Documents (including supporting files) are consistently organized, properly named, and have meta-descriptors that help with search and retrieval. Retention dates and notifications determine when a document is due for review or has become obsolete.

Document Locator WebTools has been a great help to us in terms of accessibility for workflow approvals for our employees who travel a lot and do not have direct access to their computer.”

April LanderCorporate Food Safety & Quality Systems Manager - WellPet

Capture every change with version and revision control

Food safety documents are created and stored in a central location, allowing team members to access and edit files in a controlled, secure manner via a check-in and check-out system. This helps ensure that multiple versions of the same document are not created. Revision control establishes a complete document history showing how a document has changed over time and provides the ability to retrieve prior versions.

Automate food safety document processes

Document Locator uses workflows to streamline processes by automating actions. For example, when a new food manufacturing policy is ready for approval, a workflow can automatically notify others to review and approve the document. Upon approval, the new policy is automatically filed and published in the correct location and notifications are sent out to the appropriate staff to review and acknowledge they have read the new policy.

Food safety document audits

Readiness is key when it comes time for an audit. Document Locator logs actions, making everything digitally traceable. Track document changes, processes, and notifications with a few clicks. Custom reports can be tailored to your organization’s requirements.

Food manufacturing document control benefits

  • Capture an audit trail on food quality documentation
  • Comply with records requirements for food safety quality programs
  • Secure access to food manufacturing records
  • Automate role-based workflows
  • Analyze and create reports

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Policy management

Prepare, distribute, and gain acknowledgment of important policies, procedures, SOPs, work instructions, manuals, and more.Read now »


Manage files according to compliance and regulatory standards across a range of areas.Learn more »

Quality management

Manage information according to quality programs and meet regulatory standards for ISO, FDA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and more.Learn More »

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Be ready for the next audit.

Be ready for the next audit

Automate document control procedures to comply with quality and compliance standards including ISO, FDA, HIPAA, and more.
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Employee files under control

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