Workflow Video

Video: Document Locator Workflow

This 3-minute introduction to paperless document workflow shows how business processes can be automated with the help of document management software. See an introduction to how document workflow in Document Locator improves efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability through business process automation.


The smart office is an automated office. Where processes are streamlined with document workflow.
Document Locator automates business processes.

In the Smart Office, when documents are routed for approval, it’s done… paperless.

Electronic workflows are launched with a right-click on a file. Documents are automatically routed, notifications are sent, approvals are requested… and all actions are recorded in the system.

There’s no need for photocopies, routing slips, email attachments, or document shipping because everything is electronic.

Gone too are all the delays, duplications, interruptions, and lost files so common with paper-based processes.

Windows-integration means workflow in Document Locator has a familiar ease. And, integration with Microsoft Office and other business applications make it easy for everyone in the smart office to use.

Processes are consistent and repeatable. Document workflow ends confusion and guessing about which are the next steps; while building trust and accountability among the team.

Inside Document Locator, diagrams visually map workflow processes. And reports provide insight for analysis and continuous improvement. This means, in the Smart Office, business processes are more accurate and efficient, and run with faster cycle-times.

A straightforward menu design in the Workflow Route Manager makes it easy to build and configure even the most complex workflow procedures.

Workflows can be customized for virtually any process… from basic steps like Purchase Order requests, to complicated procedures in Quality programs. Yes/no decisioning, conditional branching, role- or team-based steps, and more are all possible. Check-points allow for reviews; And custom process actions can connect with other business systems.

People can even create their own workflows on-the-fly, saving paper and speeding up everyday tasks so that less time is wasted in the paperwork shuffle. And, in regulated areas, workflow safeguards processes so they are in compliance with laws, standards, and policies.

Actions are logged and recorded for a complete audit trail.

Automating business processes with workflow is one of many ways Document Locator makes an efficient office. Document Locator can turn your office into a more efficient, smarter office too.

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