Contract Negotiation Process

Contract Negotiation Process

Throughout the negotiation process, a record of all communications are maintained. Most negotiations involve a stream of communications and redlined documents. It’s important that a record be captured of all information that is exchanged.

Capturing records of all types, not just the contract itself, but also emails, paper documents, and even faxes or notes, is critical.

Other electronic tools, for example comparison tools, may be handy as well in this phase to ensure the integrity of the process.

Capture every redlined edit and comment during a negotiation

Key tools

Electronic logging

A complete audit trail is captured in Document Locator, recording a history of changes and actions that occur.Learn more »

Email and communication

Manage email records with email management software that maintains email messages and attachments in a controlled document management system.Learn more »

Comparison tools

Side-by-side file comparisons using differencing tools.Learn more »
Guide to better contract management

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Contract management

Improve contract lifecycle management and contract administration.Learn More »

Contract initiation

Moving from ad-hoc to standardized contract requests and originationLearn More »

Contract authoring

Harmonize the contract creation and collaboration process.Learn More »

Contract approval

Clear bottlenecks and move contracts through approval processes faster.Learn More »

Contract execution

Digital signatures speed contracts into action.Learn More »

Contract renewal

Avoid missed renewal deadlines and opportunities.Learn More »

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Be ready for the next audit.

Be ready for the next audit

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