HR Forms

Electronic HR forms and HR services

Maximize the efficiency of HR staff and their ability to perform administrative tasks while improving the interaction among employees and the HR department throughout the employee lifecycle.

With departmental records and procedures centralized in the HR document management system, HR staff have easy access to the information they need in order to provide rapid service to employee requests.

The addition of electronic HR forms allows employees to interact with the HR department with greater efficiency. Employees can use HR forms to electronically submit everything from status change requests to time off requests, eliminating paper forms and the need to re-key information. Workflow routes human resources forms automatically.

Key HR initiatives like evaluations and training forms are also made more efficient with HR eForms. Virtually any processes that is form-based can be handled faster and with fewer errors using intelligent HR forms.

Improve employee lifecycle using electronic HR forms and document management.

HR forms and automation

  • Immediate access to information by HR staff speeds response times, and improves the interaction between the department and employees.
  • Requests are captured in electronic HR forms, and form-based procedures are automated, including everything from change of status requests to employee evaluations.
  • View and analyze data, charts, and graphs to validate compliance, raise accountability, and verify actions.

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Be ready for the next audit.

Be ready for the next audit

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