Document Scanning Video

Video: Document Locator Scanning

Paper becomes full-text searchable digital files that are easy to store, easy to share, and easy to find in the smart office. This 3-minute introduction to Document Locator’s optional ScanStation technology shows how to improve productivity and reduce errors by going paperless.


A smart office is a paperless office. Where documents are scanned for streamlined office efficiency.

In the smart office, Document Locator captures paper, and makes everything full text searchable!
Paper documents become digital files that are easy to store, easy to share, and easy to find.

An optional scan station component with OCR technology – Optical Character Recognition – turns words on paper into searchable text.

Filing cabinets are a thing of the past. Time is saved, because gone are all the hassles of filing and searching for mis-filed documents.

Search tools built into the Windows-integrated software make it a breeze for everyone to find and retrieve files in an instant. Everybody saves time.

Routing documents is easier too. Workflows, notifications, approvals… everything is electronically automated once paper is converted to digital.

Scan one document at a time, or batch scan stacks of documents. Virtually any Twain compliant scanner or MFP will work.

Data can be captured directly from paper, such as invoice numbers, customer names, and dates.

Use these values to profile documents, kick-off workflows, or even auto-name files and generate folder structures.

Coversheets and barcode technology automate procedures even more.

With a document capture strategy in place, business processes of all kinds are streamlined.

In accounting, invoices are routed for approval in hassle-free accounts payable procedures.

In healthcare, everything from doctors’ notes to lab reports are immediately accessible – improving the quality of care.

Auditors love it too. They quickly find the files they need along with complete audit trails, and audits finish sooner.

In every office, smart business decisions are made with access to all the facts.

Files that used to be routed with sticky notes and office mailboxes are now instantly at hand.

People working outside the office can even retrieve documents on their own over the Internet, without calling on others in the office to find and send files.

Scanning paper to automate document procedures is just one of the many ways Document Locator makes for a more productive business.

Document Locator can turn your office into a more efficient, smarter office too.

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