Bluebeam Studio Connector Video

Video: Bluebeam Studio™ Prime Connector

Speed up reviews with real-time markup and collaboration while capturing versions along the way.


Streamline collaboration and capture a history of markup sessions using Document Locator’s Bluebeam Studio Prime Connector to enable real-time, multi-user markup in the cloud.

We’ll start with these example drawings in Document Locator and show how a file can be sent for markup in Bluebeam Studio.

I’ll select a file, then open a preview to make sure I have the correct file.

Now, I’ll right-click on the file, select workflow, then workflow request.

The Request Workflow dialog opens, and I’ll select Bluebeam Studio Connector, then click OK.

You can see the Orange Gear next to the file indicating that the review workflow has started.

For this demo, the workflow assigns myself as reviewer, but when deployed in your system the associated project team will be notified that a review session has started. This can include both internal and external project team members.

Here’s the email notification with a link to begin a Bluebeam Studio session. When I click on the link, you’ll see the file was automatically sent from Document Locator to Bluebeam Studio for a markup and collaboration.

I’ll add a couple of simple markups for example, and then close out the Bluebeam Studio session. In Bluebeam Studio, your team will be able to simultaneously markup documents at the same time.

Now I’ll return to my Workflow Notification, open up my Review task, and mark the task complete indicating the review period is over. I’ll add some comments, then click OK. Now my review is complete.

I’ll return to Document Locator, and preview the file again. We can see the markups we made in Bluebeam Studio.

I’ll right-click on the file, and select history, then version history to see an audit log has captured a history of the changes and that a Bluebeam Studio session occurred.

As you can see, the Document Locator Bluebeam Studio Prime Connector makes it easy for your team to collaborate and markup files in Document Locator.

Our Bluebeam document management connector speeds up reviews with real-time markup and collaboration while capturing versions along the way.

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