eSignature Connectors Video

Video: eSignature Connectors

Digital Signature Automation with DocuSign and Acrobat Sign Connectors.


End the frustrations of signature gathering and get documents signed faster and easier using Document Locator’s DocuSign or Adobe Acrobat Sign Connectors. Files are automatically sent for digital signature, and then returned back into the document management system as new signed versions. Manual steps are eliminated, and complete version histories are maintained. Starting with any file in Document Locator, you can right-click, select workflow, and choose Send for Signature.

The file is sent to DocuSign or Acrobat Sign without any need to manually copy and upload into the signing service. An email with a link to the file in the signing service lets you add signers and signature fields. In this example, we’re using DocuSign. Signers receive an email from the signing service letting them know a document is ready to review and sign. Signing is fast and easy on any computer or mobile device – without the need for printing, scanning, or emailing.

You are notified by email when signing is complete, and the document with its digitally encoded signature is automatically saved back into Document Locator as a new signed version. A complete history of the file is maintained in the system. eSignature automation in Document Locator eliminates the need to manually upload, download, and refile documents when gathering signatures. You can send individual files one at a time, or automate signature gathering in templates, making entire business processes fully automated and repeatable.

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