Electronic Forms Processing

Video: Electronic Forms Processing

Watch an introduction to electronic forms processing with the help of eForms and document management software.


Are you processing forms by hand? Receiving requests on paper or by email and routing them manually?

Electronic forms with Document Locator automates form processing for all your forms. For people submitting forms, it’s easy. Everyone can fill out forms and submit requests electronically in a Web browser on a computer or tablet. The hassles of filling out forms are eliminated.

For people processing forms, everything is automated. There’s no need to manually enter data or scan forms as they arrive because information is captured electronically in the system. Data is recorded and forms are automatically routed to the appropriate people for reviews and approvals, eliminating errors or delays.

As forms are collected, they are organized and saved as PDF files that can easily be found again later with full-text searching. They can even be secured with records policies.

For managers, powerful reporting tools provide insight into the status of processes.

A straightforward drag-and-drop visual designer means you can create forms of any kind, from the simple to the sophisticated, without knowing any HTML or writing any code. Design forms with your own logos, images, and colors, and publish them internally or online. Forms for capital expense requests, incident reports, applications; virtually any kind of form is possible.

Automate your forms with eForms and Document Locator. From employee requests in HR, to requests from vendors, customers and members of the public… form processing is efficient and easy.