Document Control Video

Video: Document Control

Document Control in Document Locator.


Were regulations and standards apply, document control is essential to maintain compliance.

Integration with Microsoft Windows Explorer and Office makes document control familiar and easy.

In Document Locator, a hover-over provides a quick view to important file information. It shows file name, description, version notes, file size, and the profiles and properties of the document.

Properties are used to describe the document and can be customized to your needs.

For example, properties can track revision level, document owner, publish date, next review date, and training group.

With this quick view of properties, it’s always easy to see the status of a document.

Right-click commands on files make it easy to check out a document, start a workflow, show differences, and view the history of a document.

Version History tracks changes over time in a consistent way so a complete history is retained.

Powerful searching is also included in the system. To find a document quickly, simply type words into the search tool bar. The words you search on are highlighted in the opened document.

Role-based security in the system controls user access. Only authorized users can create and edit controlled documents.

Standard Operating Procedures are an essential component of quality upheld by document control. In Document Locator, to approve an SOP, use the right click menu and select workflow, then workflow request.

From the workflow dialog, select the published policy procedure workflow. The approved document is now published in a read only published folder for users to access.

Once published, required reading notices are automatedly sent to training groups or the entire organization, and a record of acknowledgement is captured.

With Document Locator, you can be confident your quality program documents are organized and properly managed. Learn more at, and contact us for a demonstration.

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