Electronic contract management

Manage business contracts involving customers, vendors, employees, and more to gain greater visibility and control over contract management. From creation, to execution, to closing, contract management software tools in Document Locator® improve the efficiency and accuracy of contract management so that risks are avoided and contract requirements are met.

Contract management efficiency

Reduce the amount of time it takes to create, negotiate, review, execute, and approve contracts with an electronic approach that automates workflows, automatically notifies stakeholders, retains document version history, provides for electronic signatures, and builds a log of all activities. In Document Locator, processes are defined and you have a complete record of all contract actions.

Paperless contract management

Paper contracts and related files that are scanned into Document Locator join electronic contract documents to become a unified, completely paperless contract management system. Contracts and other files are full-text searchable, making information retrievable in seconds. Searches on content and metadata can quickly reveal related files for easy cross-referencing and research.

Automate the contract lifecycle

Meet contract obligations and avoid the risk of missed deadlines and other penalties by managing contract requirements electronically. Notifications and other actions are automated based on contract requirements. When contracts expire or have milestone requirements, records policies in Document Locator can inform contract stakeholders or launch review processes.

Ways electronic contract management software can help

  • Define contract creation and review process.
  • Automated contract approval steps.
  • Scan and search paper contracts and related documents.
  • Assign records polices for contract lifecycle management.
  • Capture a digital log of all contract modifications and approvals.
  • Apply security to an electronic contracts repository.