Employee records management

A secure alternative to filing cabinets for storing and securing workforce records.

Filing employee records in HR filing cabinets is a very manual, labor-intensive process. Document Locator allows you to file workforce records electronically in a secure, automated fashion.

Automated filing of employee records

Auto naming and auto filing in Document Locator eliminates the time spent filing workforce records and makes it easier to find files again later. The system is configured to follow automated organizational rules. For example, folder structures and names of files are determined according to standards. Ad-hoc, subjective, personal filing schemes are eliminated. Everything becomes is organized right from the start.

Paper records are scanned in as well, and everything is full-text searchable. The system even handles the complexity of multi-part folders by auto-filing the contents of each section of the folder into its proper sub-folders in the system.

Secure with an audit trail

Filing cabinets can’t tell you who has been inside. The security of any filing cabinet is only as strong as the key itself.

In Document Locator, every action that occurs is recorded in an audit log. Views (and attempted views), approvals… everything is captured and can be reviewed. Alerts can be configured letting managers know who is accessing files.

The system’s security allows you to determine who has access, which files they have access to, or even whether or not people can see the existence of files.

More benefits of employee records management

  • Search – everything is full text searchable
  • Secure – control who has access
  • Recovery - easy back-ups for recovery in the event of a disaster
  • Automated filing – save time filing and retrieving files
  • Onboarding – use workflow to improve the onboarding process

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