Accounting document management software

Invoices, checks, purchase orders, budgets, and other critical accounting files are securely managed and efficiently routed using accounting document management software.

With Document Locator, paper and electronic accounting documents are captured, making it easier to store documents, secure information, and route files in digital approval steps. Accounting errors are reduced, information is readily retrievable via search functions on a computer, and accounting processes cycle to completion faster. Consider these benefits:

  • Automate Accounts Payable invoice processing
  • Log and record electronic approvals
  • Instantly search and retrieve documents for audits and inquiries
  • Collaborate electronically on budgets and financial records
  • Secure and manage access of financial documents
  • Maintain control over information for regulatory compliance requirements

Finance & Accounting Document Solutions

Automated AP invoice processing

Manage invoices and accounts payable documents electronically to improve the speed and accuracy of accounting operations. Accounts payable paper files are scanned upon arrival and can be automatically routed to approvers, electronically. Data scanned directly from paper invoices can be captured and used to organize or route information to the correct people. Notifications alert people for approval, and an audit trail captures the entire process so you have a complete history of all actions.

Accounts Receivable

Electronically file and manage accounts receivable checks, orders, and other documentation. Files are fully searchable and available for immediate access when needed.

Policy and Procedure Management

Eliminate the complexities of policy and procedure management. Electronic document control replaces manual tasks with automated actions.

Paperless invoice filing

Store electronic invoices and scan paper invoices as full-text searchable digital files. Invoices and other accounting records are secure and protected against unauthorized access. You control who has access to files.

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