Document Locator Version 7.2 SP 3

What’s new in Document Locator version 7.2, sp 3

New in SP3: Updated Design

Document Locator gets a new, modern look.

All new styling of design elements in Document Locator offers a fresh experience for users inside Windows. The Windows Explorer interface icons are updated and made more consistent for greater ease-of-use.

New in SP3: Improved Performance

Time-saving improvements for remote connections.

Significant performance enhancements in the Windows Explorer edition for users connecting into remote repositories, including VPN connections, remote WAN connections, and connections to cloudhosted repositories.

Search Highlight

Find what you are looking for faster with search terms highlighted in files.

New search technology in Document Locator allows you to search and open files with the search term highlighted within. This saves time and speeds the search for specific content located inside documents. The search highlight technology works with many common file types including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and text files.

Web Preview

See what’s inside files before opening them in WebTools.

New Preview technology in WebTools lets you see what is in a document before it is open using WebTools, just like you can already do in the Desktop edition. You can use Preview to view a file in full size, zoom, change pages, and even download a copy.

Updated System Reports

Standard reports are updated and improved.

The standard reports that come included with Document Locator are improved to a new format and have enhanced styling. A total of 32 standard reports are included with Document Locator, allowing you to view and analyze data, charts, and graphs to identify trends and areas where productivity can be improved. Reporting is based on Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, with the ability to create custom reports using Microsoft Report Builder or Microsoft Visual Studio. New in SP3: Reports are now accessible from the Windows Explorer folder view.

Improved Mobile

New WebTools Mobile improves navigation on smartphones and tablets.

A new WebTools Mobile design has updated styling to match WebTools in a browser, and eases the use of Document Locator on smartphones and tablets.

Optional DocuSign Connector

Speed up document signing processes with digital signatures in Workflow.

Send documents for DocuSign digital signature using Document Locator’s workflow with the addition of a new optional DocuSign Connector (add-on sold separately) together with your DocuSign account (sold separately by DocuSign). Business contracts, sales agreements, leases, legal files and documents of all types can be signed faster and easier using an automated signing process. Documents are signed online, eliminating the need for printing, scanning, faxing, or emailing.

  • Send documents for digital signature from inside Document Locator
  • Use workflow to route documents for review and final approval by digital signature
  • Route final documents to one or multiple people for digital signatures
  • Digitally signed documents are automatically saved and versioned into Document Locator

Works with Outlook 64-bit

Manage email records with integration to Microsoft Outlook 64-bit.

File menu integration and an add-in toolbar for saving email to Document Locator, as well as customizable rules that allow users to configure actions based on the content of messages, are all now available in Microsoft Outlook 64-bit edition.

  • Includes Send and Save functionality
  • Automates email capture, processing, storage, routing, and tracking
  • Can recognize key words in subject or body and use extracted data to automate actions
  • Captures attachments with messages
  • Rules can be defined by administrators to enforce standard business processes

Drag-and-drop to Email

Quickly attach and send files via email.

Users can quickly attach and send files via email with the ability to drag-and-drop files directly from Document Locator Desktop edition into Outlook email messages.

Works with AutoCAD 2016, AutoCAD 2017, and AutoCAD 2018

Improved CAD file management with integration to the latest in Autodesk AutoCAD.

Users can access file commands from within AutoCAD 2016, 2017, and 2018 using an updated integration with the popular engineering design software. Managing CAD files together with all relevant documents, communications, approvals, and files of all types that make up a larger project improves accessibility and efficiency.

Improved Scalability and Performance

  • New folder audit logging tracks changes to folder settings like profile properties, names, and security.
  • Refined/refactored core behaviors designed to eliminate unnecessary repetitive processing
  • Enhanced user controls designed to expedite loading of user lists
  • Additional database indexes and tuning to improve database read/write performance
  • Greater support for multithreaded operational processing to take advantage of multiple core processors
  • Office integration compatible with DEP (Data Execution Prevention)

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