Document Locator Version 7.2 SP 4

What’s new in Document Locator version 7.2, sp 4

New in SP4: WebTools Connector

Streamline check-out and check-in procedures and eliminate steps while working on documents in WebTools with the new WebTools Connector. You can open files from WebTools, then check them back in when you are done without having to navigate and find files on your local drive.

The new WebTools Connector works with Edge, Internet Explorer, Chrome and Firefox.

Import folders in WebTools

Quickly move complete folder structures and their contents from Windows into Document Locator using WebTools.

Edge, Chrome, and Firefox
Drag and drop folders directly into WebTools.

Internet Explorer
Use the Advanced Import Dialog to drag folders into the system.

Folder Identifiers

Blue corners distinguish Document Locator folders, setting them apart from standard folders in Windows.

This subtle reminder helps users quickly identify Document Locator folders in the Desktop Edition.

Improvements in Microsoft Office

Quickly view lists of recent files
See the most recent files worked on in Document Locator from within the Open and Save-As menus inside Microsoft Office applications. It’s a quick and convenient way to view and re-open your recent work.

A recent files list can also be found from within the Document Locator Ribbon.

Working status of files in the Ribbon
Know immediately if the file you are working on is in the View or Edit (checked-out) mode, as indicated in the Document Locator ribbon tab.

Flexible “Save Your Work” Settings
Users can choose how they would like files that are checked out of Document Locator handled upon “save” using Settings options in the Document Locator Ribbon. Options include:

  • Not Connected (default):
    The file is saved locally on the user’s computer.
  • Connect with silent save to Document Locator
    The file is saved into Document Locator without using the Check-in dialog.
  • Save to Document Locator
    The file is checked into Document Locator using the Check-in dialog.

Additional Enhancements

  • A more efficient subscription manager handles more subscriptions, faster.
  • Quick Search tool bar is optimized for improved performance.

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