Government agencies get records under control

Go paperless for greater efficiency and manage files according to critical requirements for government records management.

Cities, counties, and government agencies are improving the efficiency of critical records-keeping using electronic document management software. Everywhere from police, fire and public safety departments, to planning offices, to clerks offices, to courts and administration, document management is reducing the frustration of document filing and improving compliance with records policies.

Document Locator speeds information retrieval, reduces the cost of storage, and improves the efficiency of important document-based government processes. Government records managers and staff can immediately search and retrieve files to research and make faster decisions. Citizen inquiries and requests for information are responded to quicker. Space used for paper file storage is freed for other more important uses. And, important government records policies are adhered to so that files are retained and disposed of according to government regulations.

Document management in government

  • Paper is scanned and converted to full-text searchable digital format
  • Staff can search and self-retrieve files, instantly
  • Self-service access to files is possible via the web
  • Efficient electronic forms replace paper-based forms processing
  • Files are not lost or misplaced

Manage files in accordance with government records policies

  • Define and implement records policies according requirements
  • Information is secure with robust security built into the system
  • Files are retained and disposed of according to policy requirements

Why government chooses to go paperless

A paperless office is more efficient. In an era when many agencies face increasing demands on shrinking budgets, document management software reduces the amount of staff time needed to manage documents and coordinate document-driven procedures. There are fewer mistakes, and more consistency in processes. One of the leading reasons many government agencies choose to go paperless is because of the difficulty in finding important government files when they are needed. Document management makes everything searchable and easy to retrieve. Another reason many choose to go paperless is to improve compliance with important retention schedules and records policies. Document management applies electronic records policies to documents, making it easy to follow retention requirements.

Government document management solutions

Contract management and purchase agreements

  • Ability to go back and review previous contracts prior to purchasing
  • Review specifications and perform price comparisons
  • Locate contracts later when needed

HR management

  • Convert physical paper folders for employees to digital
  • Manage training certifications and other workforce files
  • Track expiration dates and receive alert notifications

Policies and procedures

  • Policies and procedures are centralized in controlled repositories
  • Email notifications and subscriptions communicate new and changed policies to relevant people
  • Policies, standards, and procedural controls are managed in alignment with regulations

Budget documents and auditing

  • Coordinate budget files through review process using workflow
  • Ability to coordinate the building of large budget files for budget submission
  • Allow auditors access to files as needed for auditing purposes without printing or copying

Committees, boards, and meetings

  • Create and manage agendas, notifications, meeting minutes and supporting documentation
  • Automate procedures for publication and notification
  • Manage files in accordance with retention requirements

Electronic forms

  • Capture form requests as records and automatically apply records policies
  • Automate form-based procedures with workflow for form processing
  • Create citizen request forms, staff forms, vendor forms, and more

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