eCopy Connector bridges paper with paperless

Use the eCopy Connector to connect Document Locator with eCopy and capture scanned paper documents.

Document Locator's optional eCopy Connector builds a bridge between paper and digital, advancing eCopy technology to extend the capabilities of digital copiers and scanners so that, once scanned, files are stored within a secure digital repository having all the features of a robust document management system.

How the eCopy Connector works

  • Scan documents at an eCopy connected MFP (multifunction printer) digital copier, or scanner.
  • Scan images to PDF or TIFF format and use OCR to index document content for fast search and retrieval based on key-word searches.
  • Enter profile or metadata information.
  • Send directly to Document Locator repository folders using a touch control panel.
  • Incorporate paper documents directly into document workflows to increase efficiency and comply with regulations.

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