Document Locator Version 7.1

Choose how you deploy: on-site or in the cloud

ColumbiaSoft now offers hosting services using Microsoft Azure, the cloud platform of choice for modern business. You can choose to manage your Document Locator system on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud connected, Windows integrated

With cloud hosting, everything is stored online so you can access files from anywhere – without the need for servers in the office. It combines the ease of Windows-integrated navigation with the versatility and cost savings of cloud hosting.

Search and retrieve files from within other applications using PowerSearch

Search and retrieve files in Document Locator without leaving other software applications using the new PowerSearch tool that now comes standard with Document Locator.

PowerSearch copies information from fields in other applications and triggers an instant search in Document Locator. You can configure PowerSearch to work with applications you use, and customize how it retrieves information in Document Locator.

Stay informed with new alert notifications

A new Document Locator Windows tray notification system keeps people informed with automated alerts on the desktop. Popup alerts notify users of new messages and tasks in the system. Individuals can choose how frequently they receive alerts, and how much information they would like included in the alert notifications.

Standard Notification
Contains a count of New Messages and New Tasks.

Summaries Notification
Contains a summary list of New Messages and New Tasks.

Details Notification
Contains a detailed table of New Message and New Task information.

More great new features in version 7.1

The new “Paste Link” command in the right-click menu places a shortcut to files in other folder locations. This allows you to reference a file (for example, instructions or a contract) across one or more other folder locations while maintaining only one source document. To use, simply highlight a document and select “copy”. Then navigate to another folder and select the Paste Link option.

Workflow details in folder columns
Quickly see the workflow status of documents without opening additional dialogs. You can now configure folder column views to include workflow details. Workflow details available for display are: Assigned Users, Start Date, End Date, Route Name, and Step Name.

Additional photo attributes
Automatically tag images with GPS information, date time stamp, shutter speed, and other technical photograph information. This useful metadata information is captured directly from the photograph.

Record retention reports
The addition of several new graphical and detailed Records Retention Reports inform on the number and status of files according to Record Category, assigned Record Policy, and Record Status.

Background scan processing
Continue with document scanning and indexing without waiting for OCR or import processing to occur. This new background scan option improves the productivity for scan operators, particularly when bulk scanning, allowing people to complete their tasks while processing continues in the background.

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