Compliance and regulatory requirements

Manage files according to compliance and regulatory standards across a range of areas.

Business records and processes that are governed by regulation, industry standards, and records policies must be properly managed to avoid financial liability and risk. Document Locator helps you manage documents and files according to the unique compliance and regulatory needs of your businesses.

Document control tools allow policies and procedures to be designed and implemented for regulated content. Security maintains control over access to information in the system. Every action that occurs is recorded in an audit trail.

Compliance and information governance

Document Locator establishes a platform for the management and governance of regulated content. Create, process, protect, and destroy files according to acceptable procedures that meet regulatory requirements. Comply with requirements for producing information, validating procedures, and auditing records.

  • Manage regulated content and processes
  • Automate procedures to comply with regulatory requirements
  • Establish review and approval processes
  • Record and log actions in an audit trail
  • Apply security to control access to sensitive information
  • Create and establish defined records policies
  • Capture history of document versions
  • Include email records in compliance programs
  • Create and analyze reporting data

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