Policy and procedure management

Replace manual tasks with automated actions using Document Locator for policy management

Governance, risk, and compliance program management are all improved using electronic document control to manage policies and procedures. Document Locator provides a comprehensive approach that is document-centric and regulates the entire lifecycle of company policies and procedures.

A centralized, document-based system allows you to create policies, standards, and procedural controls that align with corporate objectives, regulations, and industry best practices. Easily communicate policies across your enterprise, record acceptance electronically, and improve policy exception management. Everything operates in document-based system where all changes are electronically recorded, approvals are tracked, and workflow keeps everyone informed.

Document Locator simplifies the management of policy and procedure documents. Everything is organized and properly categorized, including both active and legacy documents. This eases compliance efforts and speeds up audits.

Electronic policy and procedure management

Centralize policies and procedures

Manage policies and procedures in centralized, controlled policy repositories that are integrated within the Windows Explorer navigation for familiarity and ease of use.

Correlate policies and procedures with objectives

Categorize and associate policies and procedures with regulatory requirements, polices, and corporate objectives using sophisticated profiling options.

Communicate policies and procedures

Use email notifications and subscriptions to communicate new and changed policies and procedures to relevant users by their roles. Track everyone's acceptance electronically.

Manage supporting documentation

Control and manage supporting documentation and files like test results and certifications. Automate the review procedures of supporting materials and establish records policies for any needed renewals.

Manage exceptions

Automate exception procedures with workflow and notifications and manage requests for policy exceptions electronically.

Report on the policy management program

Use reporting tools to roll up oversight and ensure continued compliance and identify gaps between policies and governance requirements.


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