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Paperless HR software eliminates the challenges of managing and organizing employee files. Paperless HR records are easier to organize, search, and maintain security over. You establish control over the large number of employee records in Human Resources. Everything is consistently named and filed in an entirely paperless HR system. Optional connections between the HR document management system and your payroll or HCM systems keep files unified across platforms. Finding files is easy with full-text search and uniform metadata. Every employee record is at your fingertips when you need it!

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Paperless HR solves the challenges of employee filing

Searching and finding HR files is easier with paperless HR

People make filing mistakes, and this can be especially true when it comes to manually filing paper documents. If paper is misfiled, it can take hours or even days to find what you are looking for. Paperless HR software automates HR file management, systematically naming and filing records while eliminating manual procedures and the opportunity for errors. Everything is organized and searchable, making it easy to find files again later.

Paperless HR improves automation and retention

In a world where information is increasingly digital, paper is an extremely inefficient way to manage HR files. Paper files cannot be automatically routed to their destinations for review, and there is no automated way to track retention dates or receive notifications when actions are needed. Paperless HR includes workflow and retention policies to automate routing and retention periods, saving time and streamlining HR record-keeping.

Paperless HR files are more secure

Paper records have no security to restrict access or track who has seen what is printed on the page. As a result, HR information stored on paper is defenseless against prying eyes. Paper is also highly vulnerable to damage and destruction resulting from everything from overhead sprinklers, to fires, to other natural disasters. Paperless HR software eliminates the worries over sensitive information getting into the wrong hands or being accidentally destroyed. Paperless HR files are digitally secured in the system, with audit logs recording every action. Electronic information is readily available for recovery in the event of a disaster.

Paperless HR software eliminates the cost of storage

Storing paper files is expensive. At 7 square feet per filing cabinet, the cost of office space for a single filing cabinet could easily be $427 per year. Hard drives are cheaper than warehouses, and much more efficient. HR document management allows your department to go paperless, saving space and efficiency.

How to get started with Paperless HR

Start first with a day-forward paperless approach by implementing an HR document management system that manages new paper files and cuts-off the flow of paper that is adding to the problem. Once in place, you can digitize prior paper records and add them into the system.

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