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Securely store and manage employee files electronically.

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Eliminate the risk of filing cabinets and shared network drives while improving the efficiency of filing and security of workforce records using HR document management software for employee files.

In Document Locator, employee file folders are secure, while the employee files within are searchable and easy to retrieve inside the Employee File Management Software. Paper is converted to full-text searchable electronic personnel files, eliminating the need for filing cabinets and boxes of paper. Together with files that are already electronic, paper HR files are made searchable and easy to find.

HR files are managed with greater consistency and organization, eliminating the risk of lost or misplaced records. Employee files are automatically filed in their correct employee file folders with structured naming and security for improved employee file management.

Connections with your HRIS system provide even greater consistency and seamless access to electronic personnel files when you need them. Unlike filing cabinets or shared folders, where you have no record of who accessed files, security prevents unauthorized access and an audit history tracks everything that has happened to employee files. Employee file retention is assured using built-in electronic records policies.

Workflow and electronic forms further automate and streamline HR employee file management processes, while reporting provides HR managers with the ability to improve processes and identify incomplete employee files.

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Employee files are organized

  • Converts paper employee files to searchable digital files
  • Automates filing of HR files in employee file folders
  • Streamlines employee file retention and workflows
  • Optionally connects personnel file management with HRIS for improved employee filing consistency
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