Automate with business process management

Automate the flow of documents and information using business process management software to define, optimize, and control repeatable business processes.

Business process management (BPM), utilizing Document Locator's integrated document workflow software, automates the flow of information to eliminate the errors, interruptions, and duplications of document-driven processes. Business steps are defined and repeatable, errors are reduced, and operations are streamlined. Among the advantages of business process management are:

  • Consistency and repeatability improves efficiency of business processes
  • Defined processes are managed for regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Paper shipping, retrieval, and duplication are eliminated
  • Processes run in faster cycle times, increasing productivity
  • Business continuity plans include processes for faster recovery
  • Business process re-engineering is simplified using software
  • Optimize cost, quality, service, and speed for continuous improvement

Business process management software speeds operations

Business process management reduces the time spent in each step of a business process, reducing overall cycle times. The savings are measured in everything from employee labor cost, to time-to-market or time-to-service costs, to process cycle costs.

Workflow automates business process management

Document Locator's integrated document workflow allows you to quickly define, create, and manage automated business processes where operational tasks and work procedures are repeatable. As people create, receive, route, review, and approve documents and other files, information is properly recorded and routed so that everyone is informed, productivity is increased, and audit logs are captured.

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