Never file a paper invoice again.

A closed-loop system for paperless AP invoice processing

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AP Invoice Processing

AP invoice processing turns paper-based invoice processing into an organized, structured system. Invoices arriving by paper, fax, email, or FTP are quickly converted into the digital system, routed for approval, and readied for processing. Notifications and email alerts keep everyone informed, while reports add visibility throughout.

AP invoice automation lowers the cost per invoice, and eliminate errors.

At each step in the AP invoice automation process, greater efficiency is achieved through automation.

Digital Capture

Invoices arriving by mail, fax, email, FTP, or other paper and electronic sources are quickly converted to full-text searchable digital files and made ready for processing.


Using the DL Profiler tool, invoices are quickly categorized with metadata values including PO#, Invoice#, amount, and other indexing values.

Auto Filing

Using index values, invoices are auto-named, saved into the correct digital order package, and then routed into their appropriate approval workflows.


Verification of index values ensures that invoices are ready to proceed before continuing into approval steps. Rejected invoices are held for additional review.


Automated workflow notifies approvers with alerts and emails. Every approval is captured electronically. The risk of lost, misplaced, or forgotten files are eliminated.

Accounting Approval

Once approved, routing decisions determine if any additional approval steps are necessary based on variables such as dollar amount or spending authority.

Universal Integration

Connect invoice processing with business systems in accounting and beyond. Document Locator flexibly connects with other systems so that invoices are properly associated with their related records in other software applications, and are easier to find.

Document Management Integration

Built on the Document Locator Windows-integrated platform for document control, folders and files appear just like shared network drives.

Preview invoices right inside Windows, and get an instant look at metadata values with a quick hover-over. Invoices are stored in digital order packages along with PO’s, shipping documents, and other related files – making three-way matching a breeze.

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