Manufacturing document management

Document management supports lean manufacturing practices and quality programs that drive greater efficency and ISO-compliant manufacturing processes.

Adhere to manufacturing document control standards and bring products to market faster with a quality management program supported by effective document control. Document Locator is a document management system that supports lean manufacturing practices and quality management programs that drive a more efficient and ISO-compliant manufacturing process.

Quality and document control

Manage workforce training documents and work instructions, CAPA procedures, non-conformance reports, and more in a document control repository that uses version control to track document revisions, electronic approvals to record authorizations, and notifications to keep people informed. Automated workflows build reliability and repeatability into manufacturing processes, while eliminating errors, delays, and duplications caused by manual processes.

Manufacturing vendor management

Improve the efficiency of vendor management by capturing a record of all vendor documents, communications, and project records. Provide authorized vendors with self-service access to the quality document system via an optional Web browser interface.

Auditing and records management in manufacturing

Maintain ISO certification and conform to regulatory and compliance requirements for manufacturing procedures. An electronic log of all activities is recorded, and a searchable repository of scanned paper and electronic documents speeds up the auditing process. The ability to audit defined electronic processes saves additional time over auditing manual steps.

Manufacturing document management benefits

  • Capture an audit trail on quality documentation
  • Secure access to quality and manufacturing records
  • Automate role-based workflows
  • Analyze and create reports
  • Manage procedures for continuous improvement
  • Use digital signatures with Adobe Acrobat integration

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