Integrate with the optional SDK-API

The optional SDK-API integrates document management seamlessly with other business systems.

Use the optional SDK-API to build integrations with other business applications for rendering documents, creating automated workflow actions, and more. The SDK-API can also be helpful in building conversions from legacy document management systems.

SDK-API Integration Options

  • Exposes Document Locator actions such as Import, Check-Out, Check-In, View file, Search, and more.
  • Special event interfaces exist for creating custom routines or validation checking during the Scan Station and Microsoft Outlook rules import process.
  • Supports development of custom workflow actions that are automatically processed at the appropriate time during the workflow.
  • Provides tools to directly launch the Document Locator user interfaces.
  • Contains a full search-builder object with the ability to generate the SQL or to directly launch the search window with the results pre-populated.
  • COM-based components can be accessed via the thick client or by web-based services.
  • Documentation is included with code examples, schema definitions, and more.

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