Send for Required Reading

Send documents and record acknowledgement that recipients have read and understand the files.

In Document Locator, you can send documents as required reading to select groups of people or to the entire organization using the optional Required Reading workflow. The workflow notifies individuals that they are required to read the document, and after reading they must confirm they have completed the task. The Required Reading workflow will decline the task if the user has not opened and viewed the document.

Required reading is useful for documents like policies and procedures. As policy documents are released or updated, it's important that employees are kept up to date with the latest information. The Required Reading workflow helps automate the process, ensuring new or updated documents are seen and read by employees.

Optional “Read and Acknowledge” captures a digitally signed copy in employee folder

Capture a digitally-signed confirmation that employees have read and understand important documents like employee manuals, job descriptions, handbooks, policies, and more using the optional “Read and Acknowledge” workflow. When a new document is published, a Read and Acknowledge workflow notifies individuals that they are required to read the document, and after finishing, they must affirm that they have understood. A copy of the document with a signed digital signature page is added to their employee folder and held securely as a record for future validation.

The Read and Acknowledge option is ideal for Human Resources file management as further evidence of acknowledgement.

Watermarks further validate acknowledgement

Visible watermarks can be added to digitally signed documents, providing additional confirmation a file has been read and acknowledged. The content and style of watermarks are customized to make it easy to see important information stamped onto every page.

Reporting confirms acknowledgement

Managers and administrators can track who has and has not completed their reading assignments using reports. Reporting also validates for auditing purposes who was required to read certain documents and if individuals did in fact receive and acknowledge that they have read the document.

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