Document management with Microsoft Office

Integration with Microsoft Office means people remain in the familiar applications they use every day while enjoying document management features built right into ribbon and file menu commands.

Document Locator's integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Office 365 (desktop edition), including Word, Excel, Outlook, Project, and PowerPoint, allows users to remain in the familiar applications they already know how to use.

Fast user-adoption

People adopt document management in their daily work faster and easier without the need to learn something new and different, Deep Microsoft integration makes it intuitive and second nature for everyone to use document management in their daily business.

  • Enables fast user adoption, with document management built into Microsoft Office applications.
  • Keeps users within applications they are already familiar with and understand.
  • Functional and efficient: Many functions are available through right-click menus and file menus.
  • See the most recent files worked on in Document Locator from within the Open and Save-As menus
  • Check In / Check Out documents, add version notes, and send Notifications from within document applications.
  • Leverages your existing investment in technology without requiring hardware or software upgrades.

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