Automate folder organization

Auto-name and organize folder structures to maintain information consistency.

A folder structure manager tool in Document Locator is used to create 'auto-path' templates that maintain organization and consistency in folder hierarchies. Complete folder structures can be automatically created.

Folders in Document Locator have configurable properties such as security settings, metadata, and templates that control how elements are applied to documents created in or imported to the folder.

About automated folder structures

  • Assign default document Profiles and Properties (metadata values) at the folder level to minimize the effort of applying metadata during the document import process.
  • Restrict folders to accept only documents that are based on specific file templates.
  • Apply auto-naming templates to enforce consistent file naming standards within specific folders.
  • Create and assign default column views in Windows Explorer to ensure the displayed data is in the appropriate layout, and includes custom metadata.
  • Assign default workflow routes that are automatically initiated when a document is imported to a folder.

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