Keep everything organized with document metadata

Customize document properties and profiles and capture important metadata values that match your business requirements.

Document Locator includes file and folder "profiles," which are groupings of metadata values, or "properties." Both the profile settings and property settings are fully configurable to match any business requirement.

Metadata, or "facts about the files", is valuable in the organization and classification of files. Metadata adds descriptive information to files, making them easier to categorize, store, locate, and retrieve. Indexing files with metadata values also assists in the automation of filing and workflows.

Document Metadata

  • Configure for free-form text, dates, or numbers.
  • Create pull-down lists for common labels, such as departments, regions, or product names.
  • Use dynamic list properties to associate values with external database tables from accounting, CRM, ERP systems, etc.
  • Build nested dynamic properties that automatically populate or define allowable selections based on values already selected.
  • Configure folder-level defaults so new documents are automatically indexed according to desired properties.
  • Capture file version metadata with version-level properties.

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